Welcome to the We Need Help Podcast, the skid row of self help.

Welcome to the We Need Help podcast
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We All Need Help

Join us as we go through and weigh in on every self-help and spiritual book and program we can get our grubby little hands on, sharing with you every hilarious stumble, fumble and aha! moment along the way.
For whom is this podcast

About us

Together we are 2 best friends who have discovered that shared pain is…well, HILARIOUS. Or it can be if you have the right kind of help
I am Lizzy

I am Lizzy...

… proudly sophisticated hillbilly, a self made dropout entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, a writer, a dedicated friend, MILF, trophy wife, sister, loving daughter, and survivor of life, so far.
I am Izzy

and I am Izzy...

… sober polish-american libertarian, college drop-out, ex-waitress but still a waitress in spirit because I live to SERVE, ex-CEO, current neuro-leadership executive coach, life coach, teacher, trainer, cancer survivor, aspiring stoic and most recently, podcaster.